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The German Marshall Fund of the United States
Résidence Palace
Rue de la Loi 155 Wetstraat
1040 Brussels, Belgium
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Please note that building works are taking place around Résidence Palace. This map shows you how to find our office.


Established in 2001, GMF’s Brussels office helps strengthen transatlantic cooperation by providing a better understanding of the implications of a more integrated Europe for the United States and the effect this has on U.S.-EU relations and NATO.

The Brussels office has become a key forum for policymakers and scholars working on U.S.-European issues. The office pursues a range of activities that include hosting outside speakers; hosting in-house Transatlantic Fellows who conduct research on important transatlantic issues; convening conferences and seminars; and coordinating signature GMF programs like the Marshall Memorial Fellowship. At a time when the U.S.-European foreign policy agenda is broadening, the Brussels office pursues programs to foster transatlantic dialogue on issues ranging from the structure a new U.S.-EU relationship, economic issues, the rise of Asia, and cooperation in the broader Middle East and Black Sea regions.

The Brussels office has established itself as an important place for dialogue and debate in the heart of Brussels. It is a conduit for presenting American perspectives on Europe and gives Americans a better sense of where the EU and NATO are heading. The office works closely with GMF’s offices in Europe and its Washington headquarters. The office’s executive director is Dr. Ian O. Lesser.


Natural Gas in the Palestinian Authority
Simon Henderson
March 28, 2014
This policy brief makes the case for the exploitation of the Gaza Marine natural gas field.
Can New Energy Supplies Bring Peace?
Brenda Shaffer
March 11, 2014
This policy brief argues that recent gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean are not large enough to truly be game-changing. 
YTN event on India’s Elections
April 23, 2014
On April 23, the German Marshall Fund’s (GMF) Young Transatlantic Network and the U.S Mission to the EU hosted a roundtable discussion with GMF Seni
A Roundtable Debate with Ambassador Lamberto Zannier, Secretary General of the OSCE, on Ukraine
April 16, 2014
The Brussels office of the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) hosted a working lunch with Ambassador Lamberto Zannier, secretary general
Ukrainians Don’t Have to Choose Between the EU and Russia
Michael Leigh, February 25, 2014
BBC's Radio5 Live interviewed Michael Leigh, GMF senior advisor, on the latest developments in Ukraine. Leigh states what economic and humanitarian assistance the EU could provide, discusses the differences between the EU and the U.S. stance in Ukrai
The French-American Alliance: A Symbol of Friendship
Guillaume Xavier-Bender, February 13, 2014
Barack Obama met with French President François Hollande at the White House before President Hollande heads to Silicon Valley. Guillaume Xavier-Bender, program officer of The German Marshall Fund's Brussels office, says the purpose of the meeting is