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The German Marshall Fund of the United States
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Paris Office staff list

The Paris office was established in 2000 as the GMF’s third European office. Its core mission is to strengthen U.S.-European dialogue and cooperation on transatlantic and global issues by acting as a key forum for policymakers and scholars working on U.S.-European relations and by providing research and policy recommendations for U.S. and European officials and policymakers.

The Paris office conducts research programs on six key areas:
  • Foreign and transatlantic relations
  • Transatlantic security and NATO
  • International security and geopolitics
  • Democracy and civil society
  • Aid and development
  • Global governance

The Paris security program  fosters U.S.-European dialogue on current, emerging, and potential transatlantic and global security issues, including the evolution of the U.S.-European strategic cooperation, the international and transatlantic security architecture, NATO’s out-of-area operations, the future shape of conflict prevention and management, post-conflict reconstruction, fragile states, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, emerging military powers, the transformations of strategic alliances in Asia and the Middle East, maritime security, energy security.

The Paris office is led by Dr. Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer and serves as the GMF chief liaison point with French partners and institutions by engaging policymakers, think tanks, and the business and media communities into the transatlantic and European networks and policy debate, and by pursuing a range of activities that include: convening conferences, seminars, and leading European and American experts and officials; conducting and producing research and analysis on U.S. and European issues; selecting the French candidates for the Marshall Memorial Fellowship program; grantmaking; and partnering.

The Paris office works closely with GMF’s headquarters in Washington D.C. and with GMF’s other European offices.


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