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Washington, DC

The German Marshall Fund of the United States
1744 R Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
United States
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The German Marshall Fund’s Washington, DC, office serves as the headquarters for GMF’s global activities. Located steps from Dupont Circle in the U.S. capital, it is an excellent location for convening leading thinkers, diplomats, and government officials from both sides of the Atlantic on every transatlantic issues, and often on those yet to arise.

Similar to the work carried out in all of GMF’s offices, the office manages grants, proposals, and exchange programs; it holds seminars, meetings, and other dialogues; and it produces original scholarly work. While most of GMF’s activities are shared across six offices—including locations in Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Belgrade, Ankara, and Bucharest—the DC headquarters serves as home to the management, administration, and external relations practices of the organization. The U.S. components of flagship programs such as the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, the Transatlantic Trends annual survey, and the Transatlantic Academy are also based in Washington, as are the Foreign Policy & Civil Society and the Economic Policy programs.


(Re)Emerging Aid Donors in the Reshaping World Order
Patrick W. Quirk
July 11, 2014
This policy paper examines the development aid programs of selected non-Western countries.
Whither Global Economic Cooperation?
Bartlomiej E. Nowak
July 11, 2014
This paper seeks to examine the key features of a diffusing world order and how it will influence global public policies.
Public-Private Partnerships for Innovation, Education, and Creativity: A Case Study of the RDM Campus
July 18, 2014
On July 18, the Urban and Regional Policy Program of the German Marshall Fund of the United States hosted Gabrielle Muris, director at the RDM (Resear
German Marshall Fund Convenes Transatlantic Delegates to Explore the Ecosystem of Amsterdam’s Energy Economy
May 05, 2014
What exactly is an energy economy ecosystem, and how can a city support it? That’s the question that the German Marshall Fund set out to explore in
BUILD: Bilbao Urban Innovation Leadership Dialogues
, July 30, 2014
This video wraps up the conference with interviews from participants explaining why they found BUILD an engaging, useful, informative experience. #GMFBUILD
BUILD: Creative Leadership Underpins Urban Development
, July 25, 2014
In this video, participants from GMF's and Bilbao International's first BUILD discuss themes related to leadership and urban transformation.