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U.S. Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (2014-2018): Challenges and Opportunities April 23, 2014 / Washington, DC

The United States is developing its second Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) — a broad assessment of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and their effectiveness in furthering the country’s foreign policy objectives. Completed in 2010, the inaugural QDDR outlined a broad framework for augmenting and leveraging U.S. “civilian power” to advance core American interests.

Keynote from South Caucasus: The Dividing Lines Are Shifting April 14, 2014

In a keynote address, S. Frederick Starr explains how the events in Crimea are representative of a larger Russian tactic of seeking out geopolitical vacuums and promoting them, only to be the actor that then fills that void. He characterizes this strategy as "filling vacuums", and claimed the West, and the United States in particular, should be prepared to fill these vacuums if they are serious of halting further progress of Russia's revanchist designs

China’s Efforts to Reduce Air Pollution March 14, 2014

Biz Asia America's Philip Yin is joined by Paul Bledsoe, President of Bledsoe & Associates to discuss how successful are China's efforts to shut down factories to reduce air pollution.

Press Release

Berg, Karakas Join GMF as Fellows September 17, 2012

WASHINGTON (September 17, 2012) -- The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) announces the appointments of Lora Berg and Nurten Karakas as fellows.

Berg, a career foreign service officer on detail from the U.S. Department of State, will be a Senior Fellow for Transatlantic Leadership Initiatives, to advance a new project that works on the inclusion of minority voices in leadership development on both sides of the Atlantic. Karakas will be the first Heinrich Böll Junior Fellow in GMF’s Immigration and Integration program in collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS).

Working in the Transatlantic Leadership Initiatives Network (TILN) for the next year, Berg will coordinate with other institutional actors on the international stage to address the critical need to advance diversity and inclusion (D&I) best practices in the transatlantic space. A three-year pilot project, TILN will develop a guiding network of diverse leaders committed to inclusive societies; implement a young leaders program to strengthen the diversity pipeline in transatlantic leadership; offer training, support thought leadership, and conduct strategic outreach to advance D&I at the transatlantic level.

Berg joins GMF from the State Department where she is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service. She covered human rights as a political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Tunis; worked to strengthen civil society and women’s rights as a public affairs officer in Rabat, Jeddah, and Riyadh; managed the minority outreach portfolio as cultural attaché for the U.S. Embassy in Paris; and designed media empowerment training programs for young minority journalists during her tenure at the Brussels Media Hub.

Most recently, Berg served as senior advisor in Washington to the Special Representative to Muslim Communities. In this role, she organized leadership training for young minority political leaders from twenty six European countries and the U.S., and also organized the State Department’s convening of a wisdom session in June, 2012 with 150 diversity thought leaders from throughout the United States around the topic of “Diversity, Inclusion, and U.S. Foreign Policy.” Berg holds Masters Degrees in International Relations and in Poetry from Johns Hopkins University, and has studied Arabic, French, Spanish, and Slovak.

Karakas will focus on transatlantic comparison of discrimination of minority teachers in U.S. and German schools. Karakas has been an HBS doctoral scholarship holder since April 2011. In her doctoral work, she focuses on the discrimination of teachers with migration background in German schools. She is a post-graduate student of the European Sokrates-Sponsored Programme International Doctoral Studies in Social Work (INDOSOW).

Karakas will complete her fellowship in Washington, DC, from September 15 to December 15. During this time, she will be part of the Immigration and Integration programand has the opportunity to access GMF’s network of immigration and integration experts. She will write a short paper concerning her research topic, which will be published in connection with the fellowship.

GMF launched its Junior Fellowship Program last year in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and is expanding the program and opportunity to other foundations and research institutions in immigration and integration


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