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Cities Are Taking the Lead on Inequality October 23, 2014

Global Security Dialogues on the Move from Dallas to Atlanta October 24, 2014 / Dallas, Texas

On October 21, GMF’s Global Security Dialogues launched with “Who is Backing Whom in the Middle East and Why?” in Dallas, Texas. Next is "Leading a Multinational Workforce: The NATO Experience in Afghanistan" in Atlanta, Georgia on November 18. Register now.

In 8 Minutes or Less: John Bellinger Discusses Transatlantic Counter-Terrorism Approaches October 17, 2014

Bruno Lete, GMF senior program officer for foreign and security policy, interviews John Bellinger III, partner at Arnold & Porter LLC in Washington DC, about transatlantic approaches to counter-terrorism. Bellinger is the former legal advisor to the U.S. Department of State and the National Security Council.

In 8 minutes or less: TTIP and the South Atlantic September 30, 2014

What impact will TTIP have on the South Atlantic?

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