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Energy Security Concerns in South Eastern Europe July 24, 2014 / Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC – On Friday July 17, the German Marshall Fund’s Lugar Diplomacy Institute and the Southeast Europe Coalition co-hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill on ”Energy Security Concerns in South Eastern Europe”.

BRICS leaders welcome new faces July 22, 2014

On Wednesday, the BRICS leaders welcomed some new faces to the table. Leaders from nearly a dozen South American nations joined the closing meeting.

Mediterranean Strategy Group 9 July 15, 2014

From May 28-30, GMF convened its 9th Mediterranean Strategy Group meeting in Turin, Italy. The focus of the two-day meeting centered on Mediterranean energy, with a special emphasis on energy "developments East and West."

Urban and Regional Policy Fellowships

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) grants a limited number of fellowships each year through its Urban and Regional Policy program, which focuses on the policy issues and challenges common to metropolitan regions and cities in the United States and Europe. Urban and Regional Policy Fellowships provide opportunities for practitioners at the urban and regional levels to meet with their counterparts across the Atlantic and examine policies that have been successfully implemented to address similar needs. Fellows can choose to travel for short-term (3-5 weeks) research periods, with the goal of returning to their work equipped with the ideas and insights necessary to effect significant and lasting change in their own communities.

Applying for the 2014-2015 Urban and Regional Policy Fellowship

The pre-application window closed on April 15, 2014. Check back in spring 2015 for details on our next application cycle.

Who Should Apply

GMF welcomes pre-applications from mid-career policymakers or practitioners in state/local government, private sector, or non-profit and policy organizations with a strong record of project completion. Though this fellowship is not intended for academic research, researchers that have opportunities to apply fellowship outcomes toward public policy may apply. For this cycle, GMF welcomes fellowship proposals under four themes: 1) mobility; 2) sustainability & resiliency; 3) regional governance; and 4) equity & inclusion.

How to Apply

Carefully read the Urban and Regional Policy Fellowship 2014 Summary for pre-applications.

Selection Timeline 2014-2015

Pre-application open

February 28 – April 15, 2014

Finalist application open (invited applicants only)

May 1 – June 20, 2014

GMF informs candidates of selection

July 20, 2014


Please contact Bartek Starodaj, Program Assistant, for questions at, or see our FAQ.

Urban and Regional Policy Fellows

Our 2013 fellows are:

  • Celine Gipoulon, Project Manager, French National Agency for Urban Regeneration
    Project: Lessons for France from Revitalization Initiatives in the US

  • Mathias McCauley, Director of Regional Planning and Community Development, Northwest Michigan Council of Governments
    Project: Regional Planning as a Means towards Talent Attraction

  • Eric Eidlin, Sustainability Lead and Community Planner, Federal Transit Administration
    Project: Beyond the Park-and-Ride Lot: How Cities in Germany and France Facilitate Non-Auto Access to High-Speed Rail Stations

Click here for more information about current fellows.

Click here for more information about past fellows.