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A Conversation with Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations October 21, 2014 /

Ambassador Power will discuss the U.S. government’s efforts to help West African governments respond to and contain the outbreak of the Ebola virus, the gravest public health crisis in 40 years and a threat to international peace and security, as well as the crucial role Europe and the international community must play in developing a coordinated global response.

In 8 Minutes or Less: John Bellinger Discusses Transatlantic Counter-Terrorism Approaches October 17, 2014

Bruno Lete, GMF senior program officer for foreign and security policy, interviews John Bellinger III, partner at Arnold & Porter LLC in Washington DC, about transatlantic approaches to counter-terrorism. Bellinger is the former legal advisor to the U.S. Department of State and the National Security Council.

In 8 minutes or less: TTIP and the South Atlantic September 30, 2014

What impact will TTIP have on the South Atlantic?

Research & Analysis

GMF produces publications on a host of transatlantic topics, ranging in length from a few pages to book-length pieces, in order to expand the information available to policymakers, thought leaders, media, and the business community.

Our publications may be downloaded from our website and are also available on Amazon and iTunes in Kindle and iPad formats.

Asia Papers
GMF’s Asia Program addresses the implications of Asia’s rise for the West—in particular, how Asia’s resurgence will impact the foreign policy, economic, and domestic challenges and choices facing the transatlantic allies—through a combination of convening, writing, strategic grants, study tours,
Asia Policy Briefs
GMF’s Asia Program addresses the implications of Asia’s rise for the West—in particular, how Asia’s resurgence will impact the foreign policy, economic, and domestic challenges and choices facing the transatlantic allies—through a combination of convening, writing, strategic grants, study tours,
Brussels Forum Papers
Papers developed for inclusion in the Brussels Forum, GMF's premier conference on the transatlantic relationship.
Climate and Energy Series
Papers generated by experts in GMF's Climate and Energy Program. 
Climate and Security Series
Papers generated by GMF's climate and security experts.
Connections Series
The Connections policy brief seris the nexus between trade and development in poor countries in sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere, with a focus on the trade, infrastructure, and food security pillars in the Seoul action plan. It highlights positive elements in
Economics Series
The Economic Policy Program is an initiative of GMF dedicated to promoting cooperation between the United States and Europe on domestic and international economic policies as vital instruments of global prosperity, especially for the poor and those affected by shifts
EuroFuture Series
The German Marshall Fund of the United States understands the twin crisis in Europe and the United States to be a defining moment that will shape the transatlantic partnership and its interactions with the wider world for thelong term. GMF’s
Europe Policy Papers
The Europe Program aims to enhance understanding of the challenges facing the European Union and the potential implications for the transatlantic relationship. Analysis, research, and policy recommendations are designed to understand the dichotomy of disintegration and deepening of the EU
Foreign Policy Briefs
Foreign Policy papers by experts in GMF's Foreign and Security Policy Program. 
G20 Series
Papers generated by GMF's G20 experts in 2011.
Global Swing States Series
The Global Swing States series is an ongoing project undertaken by the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) and the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). The project, co-led by Daniel M. Kliman and Richard Fontaine, examines how the
Immigration Series
Papers generated by GMF's immigration experts.
Mediterranean Series
The Mediterranean Policy Program promotes transatlantic analysis and dialogue on issues affecting Southern Europe, North Africa, the Levant, and the Mediterranean basin. Priority areas include understanding trends in Mediterranean societies; exploring opportunities for south-south cooperation and integration; research on key
On Pakistan Series
Papers generated by GMF's experts on Pakistan.
On Turkey Series
Turkey, a transatlantic partner and historically staunch NATO ally, is transforming both its internal dynamics and its approach to foreign policy. On Turkey is an ongoing analysis series that breaks down the developments in Turkish politics and foreign policy for
On Ukraine Series
Papers generated by GMF Experts on Ukraine.
On Wider Europe Series
This series is designed to focus in on key intellectual and policy debates regarding Western policy toward Wider Europe that other-wise might
Paralleli Briefs
These analyses are the product of a GMF grant to Paralleli, a Turin-based institute specializing in the political economy of the region. The series is part of a larger research effort within GMF's Mediterranean Policy Program, with ongoing reports from
Transatlantic Academy
The Transatlantic Academy serves as a forum for a select group of scholars from both sides of the Atlantic and from different academic and policy disciplines to examine a single set of issues. Working together from a transatlantic and interdisciplinary
Transatlantic Trends
Since 2003, Transatlantic Trends— a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States ( and the Compagnia di San Paolo ( in Turin, Italy, with additional support from the Fundação Luso-Americana (Portugal), the Fundación BBVA (Spain), Communitas Foundation
Urban and Regional Policy Series
The Urban and Regional Policy Program promotes knowledge sharing among individuals and groups who make, influence, and implement urban and regional policy on both sides of the Atlantic. Through intensive network building, in-depth policy research and analysis, the program connects
Wider Atlantic Series
The Wider Atlantic Series is a research and convening partnership of GMF and Morocco’s OCP Foundation. The series explores the north-south and south-south dimensions of transatlantic relations, including the role of Africa and Latin America, and issues affecting the Atlantic
Young Strategists Forum Series
Papers generated about the Young Strategists Forum.