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The China – Pakistan Axis January 30, 2015 / Brussels

On January 21, GMF’s Young Transatlantic Network (YTN) in Brussels hosted Andrew Small, senior fellow for GMF’s Asia Program, for a discussion on his new book “The China-Pakistan Axis – Asia’s New Geopolitics.”

A Transatlantic Talk with Norbert Röttgen on the Future of Transatlantic Cooperation January 29, 2015

A Transatlantic Talk with Dr. Norbert Röttgen, Member of the Bundestag, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, on the future of transatlantic cooperation.

Transatlantic Talk with Senator Christopher Murphy January 26, 2015

The Road to Euroatlantic Integration: The Role of the United States in the Western Balkans.

Urban and Regional Policy Series

The Urban and Regional Policy Program promotes knowledge sharing among individuals and groups who make, influence, and implement urban and regional policy on both sides of the Atlantic. Through intensive network building, in-depth policy research and analysis, the program connects practitioners and policymakers around innovative solutions to common challenges in the United States and Europe.

Recognizing Scale: Sustainability in Smaller Urban Places
August 22, 2014 / Christine Grimando

This article explores how sustainable development can apply to the scale of towns and small cities.

National Fiscal Policy and Local Government during the Economic Crisis, Vol. 1
May 28, 2014 / Harold (Hal) Wolman

This policy paper examines how national government policy, and particularly national grant systems, affected local governments during the “Great Recession” and its aftermath.

National Fiscal Policy and Local Government during the Economic Crisis, Volume 2: Country Profiles
May 28, 2014 / Harold (Hal) Wolman, Diana Hincapie

Volume 2 of this policy paper presents an overview of local government finance in the OECD countries and more detailed information on six specific countries.

Redeveloping Commercial Vacant Properties in Legacy Cities
May 06, 2014 / Marianne Eppig, Lavea Brachman

This guidebook supports the transition of vacant commercial properties to productive reuse.

The New Barn-Raising
May 05, 2014 / Gareth Potts

This toolkit offers strategies for supporting municipal assets such as parks, libraries, and museums.

Connecting the Dots for Urban Revitalization: Lessons from Dortmund, Germany
December 20, 2013 / Alan Mallach

This paper offers a framework for an integrated way of thinking about urban regeneration using the example of Dortmund, Germany.

From Denmark to the United States: A Bike Boss Travels Westward
November 04, 2013 / Andreas Røhl

This piece reports on the important role that bike dealers often play in U.S. cities.

Global Cities, Inequality, and the Public Realm
July 25, 2013 / Joan Byron

This policy paper examines European attempts to create equity in urban public spaces in both wealthy and less well off neighborhoods.

Transit-Oriented Development in the United States: What Can the Dutch Learn?
May 20, 2013 / Thomas Straatemeier

This policy paper discusses several key factors for the successful implementation of transit-oriented development.

Prioritizing Public Transit for Speed, Reliability, and Rider Satisfaction
April 18, 2013 / Tony Mazzella

This policy paper identifies public transit features that could be successfully imported from Munich and Zurich to Seattle.