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The 27 members of the European Union have engaged in an ongoing experiment in supranational governance. Each country must navigate the path between contributing to the EU and retaining its national sovereignty, and these growing pains will continue throughout the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty. In addition, the Union’s success has had an undeniable influence on the countries in its immediate neighborhood, attracting even more countries to seek membership. Managing developments inside the EU, while simultaneously managing expectations among those on the outside, presents numerous challenges and few, if any, easy answers.

The strength and size of the transatlantic relationship demand that allies on both sides of the Atlantic work to find ways to deepen understanding and cooperation in history’s most successful alliance. As the European Union is a vital component in the pursuit of global security and economic stability, GMF explores the role of this supranational organization in transatlantic relations and global affairs.

GMF News & Analysis

Remember 1989November 07, 2014 / Sudha David-WilpThese days it is easier to find remnants of the Berlin Wall and the exhaust-spewing East German Trabant in a museum than in Europe’s most powerful capital.
An Asian post-election checklist for ObamaNovember 05, 2014 / Daniel TwiningDaniel Twining gives Obama a checklist for Asia as the president heads to a series of summits with regional and world leaders just days after U.S. midterm elections and Republican gains in Congress.

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Transatlantic Security Task Force

The GMF Transatlantic Security Task Force (TSTF) brings together a group of high-level U.S. and European security experts, officials, and strategic thinkers to explore the security priorities for transatlantic cooperation.

Transatlantic Leadership Initiatives

GMF's Transatlantic Leadership Initiatives offer fellowship programs and leadership development opportunities that help TLI alumni expand their networks, gain unique access to GMF’s policy expertise, and think, engage, and act globally.

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Helsinki +40: Implications for the Transatlantic RelationshipNovember 21, 2014The German Marshall Fund hosted the second leg of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s Helsinki +40 seminar series in Washington, DC, on November 18 and 19.
The Changing Security Environment in the LevantNovember 19, 2014In an on-the-record conversation, Ambassador Benny Dagan and Dr. Ian O. Lesser will share their insights on the background of the current regional instability and consider the political, security, and sectarian dynamics fueling the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, the inherent contradictions within the U.S.-led coalition and the impact of Iran on recent developments.
Is British Withdrawal from the EU Inevitable?November 18, 2014In light of Prime Minister David Cameron’s pledge to hold a referendum on British membership in the EU in 2017 (should he win reelection in 2015), the conversation explored the UK’s relationship with the EU as it currently stands, as well as possible scenarios for the country’s European future.
Reconsidering Turkey’s Policy PrioritiesNovember 18, 2014On Thursday, November 13, 2014, the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) hosted a roundtable discussion with Professor İlter Turan entitled “Reconsidering Turkey’s Policy Priorities.”

Publications More

Germany’s Pivotal Role on the Way to TTIPNovember 13, 2014 / Peter Sparding

This policy paper recommends ways that Germany can play a constructive role in building support for TTIP.

The Lasting Impact of the Helsinki ProcessNovember 11, 2014 / Martin Sletzinger

This policy brief praises the Helsinki Final Act for holding governments accountable for the way they treat their populations.