Chiara Rosselli is a senior program officer of the German Marshall Fund and the head of the Open European Dialogue. The Open European Dialogue is a politically neutral platform that aims to improve European politics by supporting policymakers in better understanding challenges and perspectives from across Europe. It connects European politicians across parties and countries, providing space for dialogue and cross-border collaboration. In 2021 it was selected as an OECD global best practice for public-sector innovation. Since 2016, Chiara has been leading efforts to innovate the way we think of and design political conversation spaces, developing scenario exercises, political trainings, and collaboration tools such as the policy design sprint. 

Chiara holds an MA in European studies (LUISS School of Government, Rome, Italy), an MA in International Public Management (Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po, Paris, France) and a BSc in Economics and Politics (Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom). She is a trained process designer and facilitator, serves as a mentor for Veracura Social Impact Accelerator and is vice president of Sistema Italia Adaptive Leadership Association.