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Casting light on a little-known friendship January 23, 2015  / Andrew Small
When China sent swift condolences to Pakistan after the slaughter of over 130 schoolchildren in a terror attack in Peshawar last month, it was more than a perfunctory gesture. The two countries have such a long-standing and harmonious relationship that both sides sometimes come close to believing the official mantra that the ties that bind them really are higher than the highest mountains.
Obama should help Modi deliver a South Asian economic miracle January 23, 2015  / Daniel Twining
On Jan. 26, an Indian prime minister will for the first time host an American president for the annual Republic Day parade in New Delhi. The novelty of this summitry is in keeping with the new vigor apparent in India since Prime Minister Narendra Modi won a landslide election victory last May. His government has revitalized the country's economy and foreign policy after years of drift. U.S. President Barack Obama's Asia policy has focused primarily on China and old allies like Japan. He should seize the moment in New Delhi to take relations with Asia's newest emerging giant to the next level.
Testimony for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats July 25, 2013  / Neil Brown
In broad terms, Central Asian energy is the playing field for two major forces. China, in its global quest for the raw materials necessary to fuel economic growth, uses its financial clout to access Central Asia's natural gas. Russia wants power of a different type. It seeks to maintain its dominance over export routes for Central Asian oil and gas in order to maintain political influence in the region and in Europe.