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Asia’s Pivot to Asia December 15, 2014  / Daniel Twining
Asia is undergoing a wider set of geopolitical realignments that could reset conventional expectations about the region’s strategic future, writes GMF's Daniel Twining in Foreign Policy.
For Better Signage On The Cyber Highway December 15, 2014  / Dhruva Jaishankar
The inadequacies of India’s Internet regime are not confined to the IT Act alone. The country faces dilemmas that concern the future of the net and the way in which these are addressed will be key to determining India’s future as an open society, a secure state and a competitive economy
Asia should focus on its own ‘pivot to Asia’ December 12, 2014  / Daniel Twining
Much has been made of the intensifying strategic competition between the U.S. and China, with Beijing working to edge America out of its Asian neighborhood even as Washington doubles down on its regional partnerships and presence.