GMF Brussels hosts Czech Foreign Minister

On January 25, 2007, GMF's Brussels office hosted  a seminar on the role and contribution that Central Europe can make in shaping the future Eastern policy of the European Union.  The public seminar was opened by Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg and followed by a panel discussion with the directors of several leading Visegrad think thinks --  former EU Commissioner Péter Balázs (Director, Center for EU Enlargement Studies - CENS, Budapest), Eugeniusz Smolar , (President, Center for International Relations - CIR, Warsaw) and Jirí Schneider (Program Director, Prague Security Studies

Ukraine’s integration into the Global Economy examined at GMF

On Wednesday, January 24, the German Marshall Fund's Economic and Foreign Policy programs jointly hosted a panel discussion on "Ukraine's Integration into the Global Economy: The impact of Freedom House rankings and Millennium Challenge Corporation Threshold Agreements." The panel included Monica Kladakis, Managing Director of the Threshold Program at the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and Christopher Walker, Director of Studies at Freedom House. The respondent was Anders Aslund, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. John K.

Berlin bureau Chief of Der Spiegel discusses economic impact of China

January 22 2007 marked the first installment of an ongoing German Marshall Fund series entitled ‘Transatlantic Responses to the Rise of China'. Gabor Steingart, chief of the Berlin bureau of the German weekly newspaper Der Speigel and author of the book "World War for Prosperity" (available in English soon) was the featured speaker, presenting his views on the appropriate response for the EU and United States to the rise of China as a global economic and political force.

Dinner Discussion on Chancellor Merkel’s Globalization Agenda

On Monday, January 22nd, the German Marshall Fund of the Unites States hosted a dinner discussion on the issues raised by Chancellor Merkel's call for action to deepen the transatlantic marketplace.  Gabor Steingart, Berlin bureau chief of the German weekly newspaper Der Speigel and author of the book "World War for Prosperity" (available in English soon) set out his views on the Chancellor's agenda and its context; Dr. Adam Posen of the Peterson Institute for International Economics provided a response. The event was moderated by GMF Transatlantic Fellow Richard Salt.