Dailey: Information sharing is the essence of counterterrorism activities

On May 30, GMF hosted a luncheon discussion entitled, "U.S. and European approaches in the fight against terrorism."  The event featured Dell L. Dailey, coordinator for counterterrorism at the U.S. Department of State, and Jeremy Shapiro of The Brookings Institute's Center on the United States and Europe, GMF Senior Transatlantic fellow Ambassador Michael Polt moderated the discussion, which was held under the Chatham House rule. 

Figel: Need to educate our youth to compete in tomorrow’s economy

On May 28, GMF hosted Jan Figel, the European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture, and Youth, for a discussion of the challenges and opportunities facing Europe as it works to educate its youth for a changing economic landscape.   He was joined by Dr. Allan Goodman, president of the Institute for International Education, who offered a perspective on the future of American higher education.