Portland city officials glean bicycle infrastructure policy from Amsterdam, Copenhagen

From October 5-12, the German Marshall Fund organized a study tour on bicycle infrastructure and policy for 13 representatives from Portland, Oregon, representing Portland Metro Council's Blue Ribbon Committee for Trails.  The group, made up of civic, elected, and business leaders, visited two of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, to learn how the experiences of these cities could inform the development of more than 900 miles of user-friendly, multi-modal trails in the Portland metropolitan region.

The science and policy behind biofuels

On December 4, GMF hosted an event on biofuels policies, present the latest science on the subject, and explore space for consensus among the participants.  The event brought together high level representatives from seventeen environmental organizations that are key stakeholders working on the issue. In addition to the event, GMF also released a policy brief by Tim Searchinger summarizing recent scientific reports on the impact of biofuels (available for download below).