Washington, DC

The German Marshall Fund’s Washington, DC, office serves as the headquarters for GMF’s global activities. Located steps from Dupont Circle in the U.S. capital, it is an excellent location for convening leading thinkers, diplomats, and government officials from both sides of the Atlantic on every transatlantic issue, and often on those yet to arise.

Brexit’s Impact on European Security




Michal Baranowski, Director, GMF Warsaw Office

This panel is part of the conference “Poland and the Brexit Negotiations’ Challenge to the EU and NATO 2017” hosted by the Polish War Studies University on December 5th and 6th in Warsaw.

The conference is organized around the theme: How is Brexit likely to affect U.K. and European security, as well as international security more widely, including NATO, the EU, the U.S., and Poland?

Tijana Kljajevic
Program Coordinator, Balkan Trust for Democracy