GMF’s Statement of Values


GMF is guided by four core values. Our work will be: (1) democracy-affirming and (2) diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We also ensure that our work is conducted with the (3) highest standards of personal integrity and research independence and will contain (4) measurable policy impact.

Democracy Affirming

GMF affirms and seeks to further the fundamental democratic principles of individual and opposition rights, rule of law, representative government, transparent and accountable institutions, free and fair elections, protections for marginalized communities, and freedoms of expression, religion, and the media. These values are reflected in all GMF work to build, defend, and deliver democracy, in the United States, Europe, and worldwide.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

GMF seeks diverse voices and views, open discussion, and exchange of ideas internationally and within the GMF community. We are committed to behavior and approaches founded in appreciating and recognizing all GMF staff and partner contributions. GMF believes that diversity is crucial to advancing our mission and workplace, and that our institution should reflect the international community in which we work and serve.

Integrity and Intellectual Independence

GMF is committed to integrity, the highest standard of individual professional conduct, intellectual independence, objective and fact-based analysis, and intellectual rigor from our staff and our partners. We hold ourselves accountable to our institutional values and our human and fiscal resources.

Measurable Impact

GMF seeks to achieve our mission by rigorously evaluating the impact of our efforts across policy and programmatic work, civil society engagement, and thought leadership. The question of impact should be core to any GMF event, convening, or product from the time of inception.

All GMF representatives—trustees, employees, and affiliated associates—are expected to uphold the organization’s values in the conduct of their professional activities, including writing and publishing, convening, talent management, board membership, revenue development and expenditure, investment strategy, and networking.

GMF, as a living memorial to the Marshall Plan’s strong American leadership, robust cooperation of allies, and delivering hope through advancing democracy, is guided by these powerful ideals and values. Our implementation of them may be imperfect, but we guard against complacency by consistently exploring opportunities for improvement. We strive to achieve impact, and the values that guide our work are fixed, firm, and enduring.