Washington, DC

Washington, DC’s premier institution dedicated to elevating transatlantic dialogue, debate, and policy analysis.


Germany’s hub for understanding America and promoting transatlantic cooperation.


The leading center for transatlantic debate and analysis at the heart of the EU and NATO.


A beacon of objective analysis and reasoned debate in a polarized and volatile political landscape.


Advancing cooperation and Euroatlantic integration in the Balkans to achieve political stability, security and economic prosperity.


In the face of increasing volatility, GMF’s Bucharest office works with and for the Black Sea region, promoting democracy, cooperation, security, stability, and prosperity. Headquarters of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.


The leading think tank in France on transatlantic relations, French and US foreign policy, and European affairs and geopolitics. We are an essential forum for policymakers, business leaders, experts, and young professionals.


A vital forum and source of ideas on Poland, the Baltic, and Central and Eastern Europe.