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"The images you see of Belarus in the media cannot tell you everything that is happening there now. When I traveled to my home country shortly after the presidential elections, I found myself at the center of the Belarusian protests and was able to witness the events on the ground. What I saw there is both inspiring and unsettling."
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“As a person with a disability, government officials were not going to meet with me if they heard that there was a person with a disability who wanted to meet them. But when they heard that a MMF wanted to meet them, they went out of their way to make that happen. The prestige and reputation of the MMF program and GMF got me in the room when I would not have otherwise been allowed in.”
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"We try to provide education events for doctors, business, journalist, lawyers, politicians. We try to explain why and how they can support the LGBT community in Ukraine, try to build some bridges between LGBT people and non-LGBT people.

And I would add that we not only try. We do this. Successfully."
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“This information that we are a different country, a different republic, was introduced to us early. When you’re a little girl who has to identify herself with one side or the other…it is sad to deal with.”
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“It was the first time when my skills were needed to actually make a difference,” she said, thinking about her job as a UX designer. “It was a motivation to finally put my skills to work, not just for a company or a studio, but for a place that can actually make a change.”
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