America Votes 2024: The Transatlantic Impact

The 2024 US presidential election is set to significantly impact the transatlantic partnership, while the campaign is increasingly vulnerable to misinformation and false narratives guided by hostile countries. GMF experts analyze the impact of the 2024 US election on transatlantic policy debates and offer insights into evolving threats to US democracy.

Futurecast: 2024’s Pivotal Elections in Europe and Beyond

2024 is a crucial year for elections in Europe. Voting for the European Parliament (EP) in June will shape the EU's political direction over the next five years and, therefore, constitute a defining moment. Several national elections also mark a year of change for Europe.

Polish General Election 2023

The Polish elections were held on October 15, 2023 and were the most consequential for the country since 1989. The outcome has far-reaching implications not only for the Poland’s relations with the EU and the United States, but also for its support for Ukraine’s war effort and for the very future of Polish democracy.