GMF's Mission & Vision

Our Vision

GMF envisions a democratic, secure, and prosperous world in which freedom and individual dignity prevail.

Our Mission

GMF strives to champion democratic values and the transatlantic alliance by strengthening civil society, forging bold and innovative policy ideas, and developing a new generation of leaders to tackle global challenges. GMF delivers hope by upholding the dignity of the individual and defending freedom in the spirit of the Marshall Plan.

Support GMF

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) is a non-partisan policy organization committed to the idea that the United States and Europe are stronger together. Those values and that system are challenged both internally and externally. We cannot achieve this mission without the support of our donors, both individual and institutional. All of us at GMF deeply appreciate your support.

Why GMF?

  • We view all our research, convening, grantmaking and policy work through an allied, and specifically transatlantic, lens. With seven offices in Europe and our headquarters in Washington D.C., we identify creative ways to address complex problems with U.S. allies and partners to strengthen the international system and defend the dignity of the individual.

  • We build and defend democracy from the “bottom-up,” through our networks of civil society organizations, and the “top-down,” through our engagement with senior government officials. All our work strengthens democracy, with a focus on human rights and inclusion, disinformation, transparency and accountability in governing, and more.

  • We deeply understand the challenges of nations in transition, having developed 30+ years expertise with Central and Eastern European, Western Balkans and Caucasus nations’ economic, political and security transformation.

  • We actively work at the sub-national level and are sought-after convenors to all tiers of policymaking—local, regional, national, EU, and international, with over 50+ years experience bringing together thoughts leaders, the private sector, civil society and experts to vigorously debate and solve problems.

  • We are building a new generation of inclusive transatlantic leaders by harnessing the energy and innovation of the people and places we touch, bringing the best of local practices to improve national and global policymaking.

GMF History

GMF was founded as an independent American foundation in 1972 by Guido Goldman (November 4, 1937 – November 30, 2020) with a gift from Germany in appreciation for aid received through the Marshall Plan after World War II. As defined by the charter, GMF is governed by a board comprised of Americans. Learn more about our history here