The German Marshall Fund offers a variety of fellowship opportunities across the organization. GMF's fellowships include: leadership fellowships for working professionals aimed developing diverse cohorts of cross-sector leaders, in-residence policy fellowships for mid- and senior-level professionals to pursue research in the transatlantic cooperation space, and professional growth and networking opportunities for young professionals. 

Explore and engage with GMF's various active offerings below and on the Leadership Programs page.

Young Strategists Forum

The Young Strategists Forum seeks to develop a new generation of strategic thinkers and equip them with the skills to successfully navigate a world in flux. Held in Tokyo, the program emphasizes the importance of pursuing purposeful grand strategic objectives.

Taiwan-US Policy Program

TUPP is a groundbreaking two-week program designed to enhance the understanding of Taiwan among future US policy leaders. TUPP provides a unique opportunity for the emerging leaders from the United States and Europe to gain the necessary personal experiences in Taiwan that will enable them to appreciate Taiwan’s perspectives on cross-strait matters, Taiwan’s role in the world, and the importance of US-Taiwan relations.