Today’s global challenges affect cities, and addressing those challenges requires municipal involvement. From confronting climate change to fortifying democracy, cities and their residents are on the frontlines of problem-solving and innovation in transatlantic policies and practices. GMF’s high-impact gatherings, peer exchanges, and applied research spark transformative, replicable change. 

GMF Cities works with and for cities in Europe and North America to: 

Further and Fortify Democracy 

Where democracy exists in the world, cities and local government are on its frontlines. From defeating polarization to reimagining engagement with next generations, GMF Cities cuts a fresh path toward strengthening democracy from the ground up. 

Center Agency and Equity 

An essential element of a fully functioning democracy is agency, the ability and right of individuals to have a say in their lives and their governing. GMF Cities places youth, migrants, refugees, and historically marginalized communities at the center of our efforts. 

Advance Social, Economic, and Climate Justice 

GMF Cities supports the rule of law and systems of justice that are based on the principle of human dignity, and addresses disparities in housing access, income, and climate adaptation and mitigation to achieve equitable outcomes. 

Drive Entrepreneurship to Social Good 

Small and startup businesses worldwide are a critical component of healthy and vital local and regional economies. 

Grow the Role of Cities in International Affairs 

Thinking and acting globally is important for cities. For national and international actors, it is increasingly a necessity. The capacity of cities to engage in international and multilateral frameworks is growing and must be supported. 



GMF is a proud partner of the European Alliance of Cities and Regions for the Reconstruction of Ukraine.