GMF’s Leadership Programs (LP) cultivates the next generation of leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. By fostering a community of leaders with diverse life experiences and political perspectives along with a commitment to the transatlantic partnership, LP advances GMF’s transatlantic agenda on the future of democracy, inclusive and sustainable societies, security and defense, geopolitics, and technology and innovation. Based on the principles of democracy, human rights, and international cooperation, LP builds leadership capacity through fellowships, action grants, newly enhanced digital networks, distance learning, and the engagement of more than 4,000 alumni throughout Europe, the United States, and partnership countries. LP's portfolio of initiatives for established, mid-career, and next-generation leaders includes the Marshall Memorial Fellowship (MMF), the Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network (TILN), the Manfred Wörner Seminar (MWS), the Policy Designers Network (PDN), and the Leadership Lab (LL).

Marshall Memorial Fund Fellowship

GMF is delighted to announce that we are completing our second in-person fellowship travel after a two year hiatus. This week, the Marshall Memorial Fellowship concludes both the European and American travel.

During their time in the United States, visiting European Marshall Memorial Fellows began in Washington DC and continued on to Cleveland, OH; Detroit, MI; Providence, RI; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Fargo, ND; Anchorage, AK; San Francisco, CA; Miami, FL; and New York, NY.

The American Marshall Memorial Fellows began in Washington DC, continued on to Brussels, and then visited Dublin, Ireland; Sheffield, UK; Berlin, Germany; Athens, Greece; Bilbao, Spain; Stockholm, Sweden; Podgorica, Montenegro; Prishtina, Kosovo; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Warsaw, Poland.

Given the numerous and unprecedented challenges that the United States and Europe are currently facing, it is more crucial now than ever to facilitate this exchange and develop citizen diplomats that will support GMF’s mission and foster transatlantic dialogues, preserving this essential relationship for generations to come.

You can engage with content from the Fellowship through GMF communication channels, and searching #GMFMMF on social media!

  Allyson Reaves Allyson Reaves, Senior Vice President, CCS Fundraising
Atlanta, Georgia
Emily Thome Emily Thome, President and Executive Director, Third Federal Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio
Christina Vassallo Christina Vassallo, Executive Director, The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Christopher Hundley Christopher Hundley,  Public and Government Relations Director, SEIU Local 668
York, Pennsylvania 
Evan Westrup Evan Westrup, Senior Advisor, Office of Former California Governor Jerry Brown and the UC Berkeley California-China  Climate Institute 
Sacramento, California 
Ghida Dagher Ghida Dagher,  President, New American Leaders
Lansing, Michigan
Jennifer Barchers Jennifer Barchers,  Associate Professor of Humanities, Colorado Mountain College
Dillon, Colorado
Marc Philpart Marc Philpart, Managing Director, PolicyLink 
Oakland, California 
Matthew Erwin Matthew Erwin, CEO, MindTrend
Atlanta, Georgia
Rebecca Acuna Rebecca Acuna, Director of Government Affairs, PepsiCo
Plano, Texas
Richard Young Richard Young, Executive Director, CivicLex 
Lexington, Kentucky
Sarah Adair Sarah Adair, Public Policy Director, Electrification and Emerging Technologies, Duke Energy
Raleigh, North Carolina
Sarah Jackson Sarah Jackson, Vice President, Strategy and Public Affairs, Dallas Citizens Council
Dallas, Texas
Susan Stanton Susan Stanton, ACT Now Network Lead, ACT Now Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
Thomas Koch Thomas Koch, Director, Global Capital and Strategy, FCA Corp
Houston, Texas
Tyrone Grandison Tyrone Grandison, CTO, Public Sector, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft
Seattle, Washington
Vilas Dhar Vilas Dhar, President, Patrick J. McGovern Foundation 
Charlestown, Massachusetts
Akos Keller-Alant Akos Keller-Alant, Senior Correspondent, Radio Free Europe
Budapest, Hungary
Aleksandra Jarosiewicz Aleksandra Jarosiewicz, Executive Director, Solidarity Fund PL
Warsaw, Poland
Alwyn Spencer Alwyn Spencer, Head of Office and Senior Private Secretary, UK Cabinet Office
London, United Kingdom
Camille Kiejman Camille Kiejman, Head of Content, Fabernovel 
Paris, France 
Iulia Craiu Iulia Craiu, Judge and Board Member, UNJR
Bucharest, Romania 
Inigo Blanco Inigo Blanco, Co-Founder and Business Developer, DOT S. Coop
Bilbao, Spain
Julie Hamaide Julie Hamaide, Founder and Publication Director, Koi
Paris, France 
Katrin Hirseland Katrin Hirseland, Chief of Staff, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of Nuremberg
Nuremberg, Germany
Liliana Busuioc Liliana Busuioc, Executive Director, Alliance of Small Enterprises
Chisinau, Moldova
Lubomila Jordanova Lubomila Jordanova, Co-Founder and CEO, Plan A
Berlin, Germany 
Marianne Pedersen Marianne Pedersen, Chief Consultant, Danish Food and Agriculture Council 
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mihai Danila Mihai Danila, Senior Investment Manager, Abu Dhabi Growth Fund 
London, United Kingdom
Milan Krstic Milan Krstic,  Assistant Professor, University of Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia
Moritz Holzgraefe Moritz Holzgraefe, Head of Government Affairs, Axel Springer SE 
Berlin, Germany 
Niyazi Mete Saracoglu Niyazi Mete Saracoglu, Senior Vice President of Development for West Africa, Meridiam 
Dakar, Senegal
Pedro Seabra Pedro Seabra, Research Fellow, Center for International Studies
Lisbon, Portugal 
Sabina Maria Ciofu Sabina Maria Ciofu, Associate Director, TechUK
Brussels, Belgium
Sebastian Schäfer Sebastian Schäfer, Member of Bundestag, Republic of Germany
Berlin, Germany 
Sophie Pabbruwe Sophie Pabbruwe, Legal Counsel, Porticus 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tamar Gvaramadze Tamar Gvaramadze, First Deputy Public Defender, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia 
Tena Prelec Tena Prelec, Senior Analyst, Oxford Analytica
Sofia, Bulgaria

The Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network

GMF is delighted to announce that we have resumed in-person fellowship travels after a two-year hiatus. This June, the Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network welcomed its 2022 cohort to an immersion week in Brussels, culminating in their participation in Brussels Forum, GMF’s signature conference.

Abril K. Muvumbi  

Abril K. Muvumbi
Regional Coordinator 


Adam Bouzi

Adam Bouzi 
Board Member
Open VLD


Amalie Gunnufsen

Amalie Gunnufsen
City Councilor 
Kristiansand / Oslo



Andrea Durán Rodriguez

Andrea Duran Rodriguez


Benjamin Bodson

Benjamin Bodson
Diplomat in training and former Liege City Councilmember 


Esra Karakaya

Esra Karakaya
CEO and Video Producer
Karakaya Talks


George Plevris

George Plevris 
Political Advisor
Parliament of Greece


Gilberto Morishaw

Gilberto Morishaw
Head of Impact, Equity and Inclusion


Girmay Zahilay

Girmay Zahilay
King County Council (WA)

The United States

Javier Guardiola  

Javier Guardiola
Member of Assembly of Madrid
Secretary General
Socialist Youth of Madrid 





Meri Katvalyan

Meri Katvalyan
Senior Project Officer
The Council of Europe


Miranda Tkabladze  

Miranda Tkabladze
Gender/Inclusion Manager
International Foundation for Electoral Systems


Pavlo Bogachenko 

Pavlo Bogachenko
Co-founder and vice-president 
Debate for Changes


Peter Kim

Peter Kim
Chief Communications Officer
California State Board of Equalization (CA)

The United States

Salome Mgeladze  

Salome Mgeladze
Founder and Executive Director
Informal Education Center



Samir Beharić

Samir Beharic 

Research Officer 
The Balkan Forum 

Bosnia and Herzegovina 



The Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network is now accepting applications!

The Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network® (TILN) fellowship is an empowering program for young diverse elected leaders, with select civil society and business leaders, who collaborate, peer mentor, and educate each other in working to advance inclusive policies and strengthen social cohesion.

Apply by August 31, 2022!

The Policy Designers Network is now accepting applications!

The Policy Designers Network (PDN) fellowship brings together young policy professionals from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine to equip them with skills and resources to advance democracy and economic development, to expand their knowledge about regional, European, and transatlantic issues, and to strengthen their networks.

Apply by October 28, 2022.

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