Transatlantic relations have been the cornerstone of GMF’s research agenda and convening activities since its founding in 1972. All hubs and programs across the organization include studies of transatlantic relations in their activities by linking them to more global and structural issues for Europe, the United States, and Asia. Bringing together cross-regional expertise from more than 100 experts, GMF’s work shapes policy issues in the transatlantic sphere, as demonstrated by GMF’s conceptual work on a Modern Marshall Plan for Ukraine.  

Three topics form the core of GMF’s work on strategic challenges for transatlantic relations:  

  • Russia’s war on Ukraine  

  • The future of US global leadership  

  • Systemic rivalry and the changing nature of alliances  

Furthermore, GMF’s outstanding convening experience, ranging from the annual Brussels Forum to the European Cyber Agora and established programs such as the Stockholm China Forum, foster productive exchange within and beyond the transatlantic sphere. Through innovative and in-depth research such as the annual Transatlantic Trends study or the Global Swing States report, GMF plays a central role as a thought leader in the transatlantic community.