The Risk and Strategy experts provide policymakers and business leaders with three complementary assets for analysis and strategic planning: 

  1.  A better understanding of the strategic environment, by providing rapid and informed analyses of strategic disruptions, as well as the tools to optimize approaches to crisis management.  
  2. The capacity to think proactively to stay ahead of emerging risks, anticipate long-term trends, and develop instruments to manage these risks and mitigate their impact. 
  3. The incorporation of geopolitical and geoeconomic risks into long-term strategies and planning. 

The Risk and Strategy experts manage policy projects and contribute to the strategic debates on both sides of the Atlantic. The program also conducts foresight projects, anticipating risks and opportunities to help policymakers, business leaders and other opinion shapers better understand political, geopolitical and economic shifts, and their implications for their decision-making processes. 

America Votes 2024: The Transatlantic Impact

The 2024 US presidential election is set to significantly impact the transatlantic partnership, while the campaign is increasingly vulnerable to misinformation and false narratives guided by hostile countries. GMF experts analyze the impact of the 2024 US election on transatlantic policy debates and offer insights into evolving threats to US democracy.

EU Elections Series

The European Parliament elections in 2024 will shape the EU's political direction over the next five years and, therefore, constitute a defining moment. In this series, GMF experts discuss the impact the elections will have on EU policy in key areas, consider what can—and should—be done before the elections, and outline potential post-election scenarios.

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