GMF is committed to the idea that the United States and Europe are stronger together. It champions the principles of democracy, human rights, and international cooperation, which have served as the bedrock of peace and prosperity since the end of World War II, but are under increasing strain.

Our diverse alumni community, spanning both continents, is uniquely positioned to build bridges, create positive impact, and fortify the bonds between Europe and the United States.

Building on GMF’s work around issues such as future of democracy, security and defense, geopolitics, technology and innovation we invite alumni from all our leadership programs to submit project proposals which further advance the transatlantic relationship. Projects should address the following overarching themes:

Transatlantic cooperation and understanding: projects should focus on renewing the transatlantic relationship for the future by:

  • Developing awareness and understanding of the European Union’s values, culture, and policies among the next generation of American leaders (aged 15-30), especially those from minority communities, around the following topics: security and defense, trade, investment and an economy that works for all , data privacy and digitalization, justice and home affairs, learning and skills for a digital economy, tackling the climate crisis through sustainable urban transportation.

Future of Democracy: Projects should focus on advancing democracy in the transatlantic space by:

  • Creating task forces on various current topics, such as addressing the intersection of innovation/new technologies and democratic development, its challenges, and opportunities.
  • Rebuilding trust in public institutions and the media in a polarized and fragmented social space.
  • Tackling misinformation and its impact on the principle of freedom of speech and information.
  • Engaging the younger generation in conversations and activities to increase collaboration and develop a deeper connection to democratic values and principles.

Business and Innovation: Projects should focus on exploring how to strengthen the positive role of business by:

  • Fostering a purpose driven approach for the role of business in today’s transatlantic society, that combines profit and positive societal impact.
  • Exploring policy innovations that improve markets, foster innovation, and help communities develop in an inclusive and equitable way.
  • Addressing the pandemic recovery and resilience with a special focus on inclusive economic recovery and access to healthcare

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Projects should focus on leveraging the diversity of the transatlantic community to make it more inclusive and equitable by:

  • Developing, researching, analyzing, and piloting DEI solutions in the private and public sphere in various fields such as policy, education, etc.
  • Exploring new global leadership models and skills that create societal impact, such as intercultural competency, emotional intelligence, innovation management, transparency etc.

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The application window has now closed. Please check back later. 

If you have any questions regarding the application process or would like to receive feedback on your idea, please feel free to contact Maria Florea at [email protected]  

The Alumni Leadership Action Projects are made possible with the support of the Alumni Leadership Council, the KfW Development Bank, the European Commission and Archery Foundation.

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