The transatlantic partnership regained significance following Russia's unprovoked assault on Ukraine in February 2022. A full-scale war in the heart of Europe has underscored the pivotal role that the United States plays as a security provider for its European allies and partners. While Brussels and Washington have demonstrated commendable solidarity in responding to the conflict, a changing global peace and security architecture has reinvigorated discussions about the sustainability of Europe’s reliance on the United States for security. In a global landscape marked by increasing confrontation, such dependence can bring formidable challenges. Europeans are aware that the next US presidential election could herald a change in American support. This injects considerable uncertainty into the future of transatlantic relations.

On November 15th, the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) are bringing together leading European and US experts and policymakers for the 6th State of the Unions event to reflect on the US presidential race in the coming year and the election's potential impact on the transatlantic partnership and its collective security.


Welcome Remarks

Louise Langeby

Managing Director, Strategic Convening

German Marshall Fund of the United States


Session I:

Decoding US Politics in 2024:

High Stakes, High Expectations


Emily Cain

Former Executive Director, Emily’s List

Rachael Dean Wilson

Managing Director, US Politics and Political Analysis

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF)

Joe Pounder

CEO, Bullpen Strategy Group


Ines Pohl

Washington Bureau Chief, Deutsche Welle


Session II:

Forging Transatlantic Leadership:

Russian Aggression and the Risk of a Regressive World


Belén Martínez Carbonell

Managing Director, Global Agenda and Multilateral Relations

European External Action Service

Alena Kudzko

Vice President for Policy and Programming, GLOBSEC

Jack Thompson

Lecturer, American Studies, University of Amsterdam


Giovanni Grevi

Senior Fellow, Center for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy

Brussels School of Governance-VUB


Closing Remarks 

Laszlo Andor

Secretary General, FEPS