About this event

The Summit for Democracy has been one of the foreign policy flagship initiatives of the Biden administration, and narratives of democracy promotion and values in foreign policy have strongly marked the administration’s discourse since the beginning of the presidency. One year after the election and at the eve of the Summit for Democracy, this webinar offers an assessment of the U.S. policy related to global democracy promotion based on the following questions: What can be expected from the Summit in terms of concrete deliverables to counter democratic decline on both sides of the Atlantic and in the world? How does the Biden administration aim to promote U.S. leadership around the Summit, and how does this impact the transatlantic relationship?  How does the narrative of “Democracy vs. Autocracy” shape U.S. foreign policy discourse and action? Did the Biden administration live up to the President’s aspiration of implementing a “value-based foreign policy”?

This event is organized in partnership with the U.S. embassy in Paris.

Event Speakers