About this event

Over the last seven decades, the United States and Europe have been each other's closest allies. Through NATO they have forged an exceptional era of peace and prosperity in Europe. But Russia’s war on Ukraine, alongside other emerging challenges, is seriously testing the durability of this peace. As NATO is set to adopt a new Strategic Concept at its June 2022 Summit, both sides of the Atlantic will have to make even greater efforts to ensure the vitality of their relationship and the permanence of stability in Europe. This discussion will offer the perspective of young professionals, who not only represent tomorrow’s leaders but will also have a stake in shaping the future agenda of the transatlantic partnership and NATO.

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Event Speakers

Annika Vollmer

Senior Program Coordinator

Annika Vollmer is a senior program coordinator based in GMF’s Brussels office. Her main interests span the nexus of inter-institutional security cooperation and climate action, and youth engagement. Annika works for Leadership ...