About this event

The NATO Public Forum is a public event jointly organized by NATO and a host-nation government, with civil society organizations. It occurs during the summit meetings of NATO members’ heads of state and government. This year, the NATO Public Forum is co-hosted by the alliance and the United States government. It will take place during the Washington, DC summit, in collaboration with GMF, the Atlantic Council, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), GLOBSEC, and the Hudson Institute.  

The Public Forum aims to promote a better public understanding of NATO policies and goals, and summit decisions, through dialogue and engagement with a unique and diverse group of stakeholders, from senior officials to international security experts, opinion-shapers, academics, journalists and young people. The forum comprises panel discussions, debates, and interactive sessions on topics on NATO’s agenda. 

For updated information on the NATO Public Forum agenda, please visit the website here.

Event Speakers