About this event

The rapid rise of China in the 21st century represents a paradigm shift in international affairs. The threat to the security interests and democratic principles posed by China has made it an important part of NATO’s future rationale. It has become clear that global power competition will occupy a central role in transatlantic security in the years ahead. The reflection of this new security environment, including the alliance’s policy toward China, will be solidified in the upcoming Strategic Concept to be adopted in the summer of 2022. How is NATO dealing with the strategic implications of China’s rise? Will the new Strategic Concept move NATO to a more assertive military approach toward China? Will the question of China dominate the geopolitical security dialogue? How will this affect EU-US relations? Join us for a timely discussion on this very important transatlantic issue.

Event Speakers

Aaron Friedberg

Visiting Senior Fellow

Dr. Aaron Friedberg joined GMF as a visiting senior fellow for Indo-Pacific in 2011.  He is a professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton University with expertise in the international relations ...