About this event


  • Alexandra De Hoop Scheffer, Director of Research, Transatlantic Security, and Director of the Paris Office, German Marshall Fund of the United States 
  • Roland Paris, Professor of International Affairs, University of Ottawa's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs


  • Martin Quencez, Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Paris Office, German Marshall Fund of the United States

Since the beginning of his presidency, President Biden has committed to repair the damage caused by the Trump administration, and revitalize the transatlantic partnership to better address 21st century challenges. His visit to Europe this month was seen as an opportunity to clarify his vision for the transatlantic security and defense relationship, as well as build a momentum for cooperation on strategic issues such as China, technology security, deterrence, and Russia. On both sides of the Atlantic, allies have high expectations that a renewed U.S. leadership can help overcome structural disagreements on transatlantic division of labor and security responsibilities.

The speakers will discuss the Biden administration’s engagement with transatlantic partners and the concrete decisions that have been implemented since January. They will provide complementary perspectives on President Biden’s visit to Europe and the way forward for transatlantic security cooperation in the future.  

This event is organized in partnership with the Canadian embassy in France. 

If you have any questions, please contact Trey Tollefson at [email protected].