About this event

Strengthening Poland’s democratic resilience and restoring the rule of law are core items on the political agenda of the new government in office since December 2023. Among the main challenges are the systemic reinforcement of judicial independence and addressing structural issues caused by the previous government between 2015 and 2023. At the heart of this restoration effort is the question of what to do with the more than 2,400 judges (of a total of 11,000) appointed or promoted under the previous government in a procedure that, according to European courts, undermines their independence.

In February, Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar presented the Action Plan for Rule of Law Repair. However, such efforts to restore the rule of law have been slowed by political factors. Chief among these is the risk that President Andrzej Duda, who is associated with the previous government and will be in office until 2025, will veto the action plan.

Where does the process of restoring judicial independence in Poland stand and what next steps are needed to achieve this goal? What obstacles might hamper the judicial reform process or undermine its legitimacy and perceptions of its compliance with the rule of law? Our panelists will discuss these questions and provide insights into the judicial dimension of Poland’s re-democratization after eight years of illiberal rule.

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