About this event

The EU’s competitiveness has been a major part of the outgoing European Commission’s agenda, and it will remain a top priority as the world experiences an industrial transformation and new geopolitical realities. New regulations for high-tech and green manufacturing, critical materials, and energy markets aim to direct technological change and shape the development of EU industrial policy amid growing global competition. In this context, Central and Eastern Europe—as an integrated manufacturing area on the periphery of Western Europe—plays an increasingly important role in the EU’s industrial landscape. But Central and Eastern Europe are largely dependent on foreign direct investment and on foreign demand as a result of export-oriented production. To future-proof their industries and ensure their economic development, the countries of those regions are starting to rethink their industrial policies as manufacturing is expected to undergo a green and digital transition.

How can Central and Eastern Europe, despite its dependencies, benefit from and shape the ongoing industrial transformations? What can be the role of foreign-owned companies and the domestic production base in ensuring long-term competitiveness? How can greenfield investments attract innovation and R&D?  What are the appropriate labor and education policies to accompany industrial transformation?

This event will discuss the prospects of such a transformation in Central and Eastern Europe amid the EU’s changing regulatory and industrial landscape. Diving into the case studies of Czechia’s semiconductor sector and Hungary’s battery “revolution”, the discussion will draw lessons from the region’s experience in adapting its manufacturing base and will offer recommendations for a green and digital transition.
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Event Speakers

Peter Chase

Visiting Senior Fellow

Peter Chase joined GMF’s Brussels office in September 2010 as a non-resident fellow and became a resident senior fellow in May 2016. His work focuses on the transatlantic economy with particular attention to trade and...