About this event

Russia is determined to maintain its sphere of influence in its Near Abroad, with the war in Ukraine as the most violent expression of its desire. Fearing that countries in the region would leave the Kremlin’s orbit sooner rather than later, Moscow began to exert pressure using the informational, sociopolitical, economic, and military toolkits of hybrid warfare—further fueling protracted conflicts. This is readily apparent in the cases of Georgia and Moldova. Although Ukraine's victory is paramount, countering Russia's other moves is essential for long-term stability in the region. 

Please join us for a timely discussion of how Russia's attempts to destabilize Georgia and Moldova can best be countered. With the world’s attention necessarily focused on the war in Ukraine, is there scope for the trans-Atlantic community to support two other countries in the region that wish to escape Russian influence and turn toward Europe?

The Black Sea region has an increasingly important role in maintaining security and peace in Europe in light of the war in Ukraine. With this in mind, the United States has taken measures to promote security in the region and counteract disinformation. Looking beyond the end of the war, the region must develop a comprehensive approach to its security, economic development, and societal resilience. Such a strategy is in development, but its viability and success depend on whether it addresses regional needs, challenges, and opportunities. Additionally, energy security, strategic infrastructure security, and cybersecurity must be prioritized, as the war makes apparent.


The Black Sea Strategic Highlights series includes assessments, goals, opinions, and perspectives of officials, experts, and activists from throughout the Black Sea region, the European Union, and the United States. With this series, GMF hopes to contribute to the development of a realistic and successful Black Sea strategy. 

Event Speakers

Alina Inayeh

Non-Resident Fellow

Alina Inayeh is currently a non-resident fellow. She joined GMF in 2007 as the director of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, a project dedicated to strengthening cooperation and fostering development in the Black Se...