About this event

Ireland holds a unique and important position in the transatlantic relationship. It is a key link for the United States to continental Europe. This is even more true following the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. Ireland’s special ties are buttressed by it's large Irish diaspora in the United States and its place as a natural destination for US investors, given it is the only predominantly English-speaking country in the European Union. But the challenges facing the transatlantic partners today are numerous. And Russia’s war in Ukraine has recently and understandably focused much of the transatlantic discourse on security and sanctions.

Knowing that it is unlikely that Russia’s war will end any time soon, we invite you to a timely conversation between Simon Coveney, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence of Ireland, and Heather Conley, President at GMF, about Ireland’s role within the transatlantic partnership, its response to Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine, and how to use the current war to strengthen the resolve of democratic countries to stand up to authoritarian regimes. 

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