About this event

On December 18, 2020, the Parliamentary Steering Committee of the Open European Dialogue gathered for its yearly strategic reflection meeting.

The conversation for our members fell on:

  • The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for policymakers all around Europe
  • The importance of informal dialogue as a tool to advance policy in 2021
  • The good offices of the Open European Dialogue for the year to come
  • The need for more geostrategic thinking in 2021 politics

The OED Parliamentary Steering Committee

The Open European Dialogue is made for, and by, members of parliaments across Europe. As part of our efforts to identify the needs of parliamentarians and address them adequately, we receive strategic input from our Parliamentary Steering Committee. The committee members are chosen from our network members for their unique political perspectives as well as their commitment to the Open European Dialogue and its mission to promote an open and genuine exchange across political parties and member states.