About this event

Taking place on December 9 and 10, the Summit for Democracy brings together political leaders and representatives of the private sector from more than 100 countries to address democratic decline around the world. The initiative, hosted by President Biden, is meant to foster dialogue and actions among partners committed to democratic values, and to showcase U.S. leadership against autocratic powers. Transatlantic partners aim to use this platform to exchange views and discuss concrete policy cooperation against the erosion of rights and freedoms both in their regions and beyond. This event will feature three high-level experts on the issue, sharing their perspectives on the takeaways from the summit, as well as insights on various implications of a “values-based foreign policy” for transatlantic actors. They will discuss more generally how the challenge of democratic decline may affect transatlantic foreign policy priorities in the coming years, and how transatlantic cooperation could emerge in that field following the summit.

This event is organized in partnership with the Canadian Embassy in France.

Event Speakers