Brussels Forum Session: The Economic Counteroffensive: Rebuilding Ukraine

Aleksandra Karolina Wiśniewska is a member of the Polish Sejm (Parliament). She is a member of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committees, and a member of the NATO Subcommittee. She serves as chair of the Polish-American Parliamentary Group and vice chair of the Polish-Ukrainian Parliamentary Group.  

Wiśniewska is a political scientist and humanitarian aid worker who specializes in leading teams to provide lifesaving humanitarian assistance in actively hostile and post-conflict settings.

Following Russia’s re-invasion of Ukraine, Wiśniewska led an evacuation of children from Ukrainian orphanages to Poland and served as head of mission for the humanitarian aid organization INTERSOS in Ukraine. She has also served as head of mission for Polish Humanitarian Action in Yemen in response to the cholera epidemic, COVID-19, and the famine in that country. Earlier, she worked for the emergency aid NGO RNVDO Iraq in response to the displacement caused by the battle for Mosul, and at UNDP in Türkiye and Jordan in response to the Syrian civil war. She also volunteered and conducted field research on human rights violations in refugee camps across Europe. Wiśniewska is an alumna of the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford.