Brussels Forum Session: Allied Competitiveness: Can It Be Achieved? National vs. Allied Approaches to Competitiveness  

US Congressman Dan Kildee serves on the House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee and the Budget Committee. Before being elected to Congress in 2012 by his Michigan constituency, he co-founded and served as the president of the Center for Community Progress, a national nonprofit organization focused on urban land reform and revitalization. He also founded Michigan's first land bank, the Genesee County Land Bank, which is responsible for tens of millions of dollars’ worth of redevelopment in the city of Flint. The bank later served as a model for more than 250 other land banks across the United States.

Kildee also previously served as the Genesee County treasurer, on the Genesee County Board of Commissioners, and on the Flint Board of Education. He worked for eight years at the Whaley Children's Center, a residential treatment facility in Flint for children who have experienced trauma and abuse.