Brussels Forum Session: The Next Generation of Transatlantic Leaders

George Melashvili is a Georgian public figure, political science scholar, and civic activist. He is the founder and president of the Europe-Georgia Institute, which was a student organization that evolved under his leadership into a leading civil society organization in Georgia. The institute joined the European Liberal Forum, a political foundation affiliated with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, and founded the annual Black Sea Security conference focused on international security policy.

Melashvili also established the "Your Voice, Our Future" initiative, which promotes civic engagement, democratic values, and global security in Georgia. The initiative increased youth participation in the 2016 Georgian parliamentary elections.

Melashvili's academic interests are rooted in comparative politics and East Asian studies, with an emphasis on Korea. He was a fellow with GMF's Policy Designers Network and participates in the Warsaw Security Forum’s New Security Leaders program. He is a lecturer on international relations theory and East Asian studies at the Free University of Tbilisi and the University of Georgia. He is also the author of “Korea: Success Story – Lessons for Georgia”, the first book about Korea in the Georgian language.