Brussels Forum Session: A Conversation: GMF’s Whistlestops for Ukraine Initiative and The Future of Democracy 

Howard G. Buffett is a farmer, photographer, conservationist, businessman, former elected official, former sheriff, and chairman and CEO of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, a private charitable foundation investing in global food security, conflict mitigation, and efforts to combat human trafficking. He serves on the corporate board of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., and has served on several Fortune 500 boards and held senior corporate executive positions at public and private companies.  

Buffett was a member of the Douglas County (Nebraska) board and served, for 20 years, on the Commission on Presidential Debates. He spent 10 years in law enforcement and was sheriff of Macon County, Illinois.

Buffett has authored 15 books on conservation, wildlife, and the human condition, including two New York Times bestsellers, “40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World” and “Our 50-State Border Crisis: How the Mexican Border Fuels the Drug Epidemic Across America”. He is the executive producer of two award-winning documentaries, “Virunga”, an Oscar-nominated film about Africa’s oldest national park, and “The River and The Wall”, a film showing the impact of a physical border barrier on the Texas-Mexico border region.  

Buffett has traveled to more than 150 countries and received the highest honors bestowed on a foreign citizen by the governments of Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Rwanda, and Ukraine for his work in each country.