Brussels Forum Session: Building for the Future: A Green Marshall Plan for Ukraine

Miguel Eiras Antunes leads the global Smart Cities & Urban Transformation practices at Deloitte. He also heads the Public Sector, Transportation, and Infrastructure division for both Portugal and Central Europe.

Antunes coordinates a global team of 4,000 smart-city and urban development experts who advise cities, urban developers, and infrastructure managers on the smartest and most sustainable path for the future. The team leverages Deloitte´s alliances, in-house developed assets, and expertise to help make cities and urban ecosystems greener, smarter, and more connected.

In Central Europe, Antunes leads the Public Sector practice across 40 countries, and in Portugal he leads a Global Center of Excellence focused on developing and deploying technical solutions and assets to modernize public sector and transportation projects for clients.

Passionate about the future of cities, Antunes strongly advocates for a transition “from urban living to more human living”. Under his management, Deloitte has committed to working with partners, governments, and NGOs to improve the urban living of more than 1 billion people by 2025.

During his career, Antunes has led the creation and development of several successful consulting business units across several sectors. as a lead partner, quality assurance partner, or subject matter expert. More recently, he served as an advisor to the NEOM project in Saudi Arabia, often considered the most innovative and forward-thinking urban development project in the world.