As a Visiting Fellow with GMF’s Leadership Programs, Randianina Peccoud contributes to the programs of GMF’s Inclusive Leadership Hub, providing coaching, social capital and thought leadership.  Ms. Peccoud joins in co-creating the quarterly Inclusion Strategists’ Series and the annual Inclusive Leadership Summit. She brings multi-decade experience in outreach to rising diverse leaders in France. A recognized expert on the topic of inclusive leadership, she developed the U.S. Embassy’s civil society and social affairs portfolio in the Cultural section, providing expertise on French minorities, youth, inclusive leadership and French colonial history in support of the Embassy’s exchange and speakers programs for more than a decade.  Ms. Peccoud was recognized by the U.S. Department of State in 2013 with the Foreign Service National of the Year Award.  Born in a Franco-Malagasy family in Antananarivo, after studying in Antananarivo and Paris, she lived and worked in New York City where she explored the United States and co-founded a small enterprise. After settling in Paris, she began her career with the U.S. Embassy, retiring in 2019. Ms. Peccoud has two children and two grandchildren.