Out of Order Podcast

Bold Ideas to Make Digital Democracy Work, with Audrey Tang

June 16, 2022

Rachel Tausendfreund talks to Taiwan’s digital minister, Audrey Tang, about the perils and prospects of tech for democracy. Audrey discusses strategies to combat the infodemic (including “humor over rumor” and public notice) and explains the advantages of Taiwan’s public social media platform PTT, which gave the government early warning for the coronavirus. Audrey outlines the art of troll control how purpose-seeking (as opposed to profit-seeking) social media can work. And because this is part of the Marshall75 collection Rachel and Audrey talk about what investments need to be made to ensure a healthier future of an open, democratic Internet, and which partners need to be on board.

Out of Order Podcast

Out of Order is a German Marshall Fund podcast about how our world was, is, and will be ordered. From the way the pandemic is shaping geopolitics; to the dark side of tech for democracy; to the political movements, elections and uprisings changing global governance; the podcast brings together international experts from inside and outside of GMF to help us understand our disordered world.