Central Asia, Russia, and China: U.S. Policy at Eurasia's Core

July 25, 2017
Michal Romanowski
1 min read
Photo credit: Aureliy / Shutterstock.com

Photo credit: Aureliy / Shutterstock.com

Located at the center of the Eurasian supercontinent, Central Asia is more appealing for great powers now more than ever. Its abundant natural resources and geographic position offer significant economic and political opportunities. Russia, China, and the United States all look at the region through the prism of their national interests. Moscow would like to retain the security leverage over the region. Beijing’s current focus is on trade and energy. And Washington, under the administration of Donald Trump, yet again is rethinking its policy toward Central Asia.

U.S. strategists do not seem to have a clear approach to the region. The genuine interests of the United States in this part of the world should be addressed and existing policy tools should be enhanced. One recommendation is clear: It is crucial for Washington not to cede this arena to Russia and China and to maintain a long-term commitment in the region.

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