Charting the Recovery

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Photo Credit: Sittipong Phokawattana / Shutterstock

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered one of the deepest economic restructurings in modern history. So far, the world has become aware of severe slumps in demand and unprecedented escalations in debt. But little is yet known about what kind of economies we could end up having and how we could ourselves assist in ensuring more positive outcomes.

In Charting the Recovery, the chair of global research at JP Morgan & Chase, Joyce Chang (MMF ’05), joins the CEO of the Amsterdam Economic Board, Nina Tellegen (MMF ’03), to provide critical information to help us think through these questions in conversation with Dr. Sebastian Schwark (APSA ’05) and share several scenarios.

Guests: Joyce Chang and Nina Tellegen

Host: Dr. Sebastian Schwark

Executive producer: Filip Vojvodic Medic

Production manager: Nathan Sheridan

Audio mix: Vojno Dizdar

Music: Vojno Dizdar