China Global Podcast:

China’s Influence on Global Media

October 18, 2022

Over the last two decades, China has invested in the international media system to shape different populations’ public opinion on China and to suppress anti-China media narratives. Its investments include funding media organizations and communications infrastructure in targeted countries, engaging with foreign publics on social media, launching dis- and misinformation campaigns, training journalists, and other strategies. In the process, independent, objective journalism has been eroded, thus challenging the resiliency of governments, civil society, and the media. 

To discuss China’s investments in and impact on international media, host Bonnie Glaser speaks with Sarah Cook, research director for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan at Freedom House. Cook is one of the lead authors on Freedom House’s recently published report, Beijing’s Global Media Influence 2022. She also directs the China Media Bulletin, an English and Chinese monthly digest on China-related media freedom developments.

Episode Highlights:

[2:01] China’s Objectives in the Global Media Environment

[5:22] Evolution of CCP’s Tactics, and Investments

[8:22] Levels and Effectiveness of Chinese Media Influence

[18:03] Approaches in Less/Non-Free Countries

[20:02] Government, Civil Society, & Journalists’ Resilience

[26:29] Erosion of Governance

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