DEFCON Impacted: Security and the Coronavirus

October 09, 2020
Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer
Derek Chollet
Peter Ernstved Rasmussen
1 min read
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MF's Leadership Perspectives · DEFCON Impacted: Security and the Coronavirus

The impact of the coronavirus has been felt in every facet of society—including our military. Discover how we’re adapting to the effects of the pandemic, and where it’s exposing breaches in our defensive capabilities.

In this episode of GMF's Leadership Perspectives, OLFI Founder, Peter Ernstved Rasmussen (MMF ’10), is joined by GMF Vice President Derek Chollet (MWS '01) and Director of Research of Transatlantic Security Dr. Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer to discuss the ongoing coronavirus pandemic impact on our collective security concerns.

Derek Chollet (MWS '01)
Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer

Host: Peter Ernstved Rasmussen (MMF ’10)
Executive producer: Filip Vojvodic Medic
Production manager: Mary Reich
Audio mix: Vojno Dizdar
Music: Vojno Dizdar