Dialogues for Change 3.0: A U.S.-German Exchange for Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development

March 13, 2019

The Dialogues for Change 3.0 (D4C 3.0) project continued to build on this successful model of D4C 2.0 and developed a new transatlantic network of cross-sector participants to explore cross-cutting themes critical to successful project implementation. With integrated urban development as the primary focus, the programming of D4C 3.0 focused on developing and strengthening cross-sector partnerships, on a peer-to-peer scale as well as on a local-to–federal scale, with the overall goal of leveraging these relationships to implement successfully catalytic urban sustainability priorities.

Dialogues for Change 3.0 was a project-based initiative consisting of a series of intensive, peer-to-peer dialogue-based workshops that were built on the participants’ professional experiences and the common experiences shared among a transatlantic group of leaders. Workshops were held alternately in the United States and Germany in the participating network cities. The process and outcome of D4C 3.0 contributed positively to the evolution of six projects that the city teams from Baltimore, Maryland; Charlotte, North Carolina; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Bottrop, Leipzig, and Karlsruhe were working on as part of the participation in the initiative. 

This final report of Dialogues for Change 3.0 provides an overview of the initiative, its key components, the insights and impacts generated through the peer-learning, as well as reflections on future opportunities for federal-local dialogues in the U.S. and Germany.

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