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GMF and Canadian Government Provide Urgent Support to Ukrainian Civil Society

May 09, 2022

WASHINGTON – The German Marshall Fund of the United States is pleased to announce a partnership with the Canadian government to provide urgent support to Ukrainian civil society and media organizations. The German Marshall Fund and Canada are dedicating 2 million Canadian dollars ($1.5 million) to allow these actors to continue their critical activities under unprecedented duress, whether they are civil society advocates coordinating humanitarian resources or journalists keeping their country and the world informed.

German Marshall Fund President Heather Conley applauded the partnership:

“The best response to Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression and the display of extraordinary courage by the Ukrainian people is to tirelessly advance the cause of freedom, defend democracy and increase hope.  GMF is deeply honored to partner with the Canadian government at this critical moment by supporting our Ukrainian partners in civil society and media institutions. These organizations have long dedicated themselves to the never-ending fight for justice and transparency.  We stand together with the people of Ukraine and fully support Ukrainian civil society.”


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